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Software Engineering, Data Science
South San Francisco, CA, USA · San Francisco, CA, USA · California, USA · United States
Posted on Thursday, May 23, 2024

Mytra is looking for a Lead AI Scientist to join our Engineering team and implement and execute our AI development. This founding member will bring intelligent decision making and situational awareness to our distributed robotic fleet . As our Lead Scientist you’ll collaborate cross-functionally to prototype, productionize and deploy solutions for problems at the intersection of AI and Robotics. You’ll get an opportunity to work on reinforcement learning, embedded software, distributed autonomously routing vehicles, computer vision and AI on edge-computing.

Example Projects

  • Add observations from our storage management simulator to a policy network trained with reinforcement learning.
  • Leverage new open source tools or models to speed up the machine learning pipeline (such as using Segment Anything Model (SAM) to auto-label images).
  • Train a depth network for monocular camera and time-of-flight sensor data.
  • Create visualization tools to help debug and understand decisions made by the policy network.
  • Implement a CV model or RL algorithm from a newly published paper.
  • Optimize a model architecture for size and speed for ECU compatibility.
  • Create an occupancy map for localization and collision avoidance from vision depth maps and other learned features.
  • Develop automated processes and benchmarking strategies for tracking improvements when releasing and deploying new models to the robot fleet.
  • Implement and optimize the SOTA algorithms.

The Ideal Candidate

  • 5+ years of experience developing, training, and deploying AI/CV models in production environments.
  • Proficient in Python, experience with PyTorch & training deep neural networks.
  • Excited about working on an early stage product, collaborating cross functionally, and shaping the future of the company.
  • Experience working with different types of sensors and are familiar with robot software frameworks.
  • Familiarity with Omniverse, OpenAI Gym, MuJoCo, Unity, or other video game environments.
  • Ability to convey complex ideas and technical concepts to diverse audiences E.g. Customers, Board Members, and Deployment Teams.
  • Openness, inquisitiveness, and constant ambition are important values.

A Final Note

You’re encouraged to apply even if you can’t take on every example project in its totality. We work closely and collaboratively at Mytra - No one takes on projects alone. We seek people who are eager to work together, learn new things, and bring unique perspectives.

About Mytra

We’re creating an entirely new way to solve the most ubiquitous problem in industry - moving and storing material. We’re applying robotics and distributed software to create a new class of product for this $1T market. We’re focused on the supply chain industry first. The industry is in a massive bind with the continued growth of e-commerce, sharp rise in costs, and supply chain disruptions. What has been a “sleepy” industry for decades is now at the epicenter of sustaining the global economy.