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Sales & Business Development
Chicago, IL, USA
Posted on Thursday, May 4, 2023
Who we are
We're building a prayer and meditation app. One that is authentically Christian and Catholic, while at the same time a resource for anyone looking to grow deeper in a relationship with God. We believe that people are hungry for peace, and that there is no surer way to find it than by learning to sit in silence with Christ: “Come to me, all you that are weary and are carrying heavy burdens, and I will give you rest” (Mt 11:28).
Our goal is to build something truly great. Something that combines the beauty of the Church’s spirituality with world-class product and content execution.
We launched the app in December of 2018 and have been blown away with the incredible growth & traction. Hallow has been downloaded over 10 million times with over 200,000 5-star reviews. We're blessed to be backed by some of the best mission-driven investors in the world and are excited to build out the team to help a lot more folks grow closer to God.
We are a startup. We move quickly and take big swings. We are a small and fast moving team and each person is responsible for making an impact. It is hard work, but also deeply meaningful. We’d be honored & humbled if you’d consider joining us.
Tldr:We are scaling up our school & parish sales team and are looking for an experienced sales leader to lead our team and build out our processes!

What You'll Do

  • Manage the Team: All of our lead generation specialists and sales leads will report to you. You will be in charge of overseeing all of our pipelines (e.g., schools, parishes, universities) and the day-to-day management of the team.
  • Train and Coach the Team: You will be responsible for establishing ongoing training for the team, identifying specific growth opportunities for each team member, and providing ongoing coaching based on individual needs.
  • Manage Reporting: Weekly, monthly and quarterly reporting of overall sales activities, including supporting sales efficiency KPIs, will be your responsibility, as well as providing ongoing insights to the executive leadership team about opportunities in the market.
  • Improve Processes: Out of the gate, you will need to formalize our sales process into a formal playbook and from there, you will be responsible for ongoing testing to improve our systems and processes.
  • Grow the Team: As we demonstrate repeatable success, you will be responsible for scaling the team and training new lead gen & sales hires.

What You'll Love

  • Mission: This work is incredibly humbling. Every day we get amazing stories and get the pleasure of working on something that impacts lives. One of my favorite user quotes: “I hate quoting an old, overused cliché, but I’ve been very lost. And I think for the first time in a while I may be found.”
  • Ownership: You’ll be our first sales team manager and you will have the ability to create the playbook we will use to scale nationally.
  • Team: We have an amazing team of lead gen specialists and sales leads that you will be able to hit the ground running with.
  • Flexibility: HQ will be in Chicago and would love to have as many team members there as possible, but we are completely flexible on location.
  • Comp: We will pay competitive market rates both in terms of equity, cash, commissions, & benefits.

What We're Looking For

  • Passion: First & foremost, we’re looking for someone excited about our mission. It makes it a lot more fun!
  • Sales Leadership Experience: Given that you will be leading the training and coaching of the sales team, we are looking for someone who has a demonstrated ability to drive results and ongoing process improvement. A track record of success in actually selling is also desired.
  • Systematic: Because you will also need to formalize many of our processes and strategies, it will be critical that you are able to think systematically so that we can scale the team down the road.
  • Coaching Demeanor: While you will not be selling day-to-day, you’ll be measured by the empirical results of the sales team. As such, it will be critical that you are able to build rapport quickly with each sales team member, identify their growth opportunities, and work with them so that they can maximize their own capabilities.
  • Growth Mindset: At Hallow we are big fans of the growth testing framework. Once you establish our baseline sales process, we’ll want you to lead our efforts in constantly testing ways that our processes can be improved.
We are honored that you'd consider joining the team and look forward to connecting with you.
Alex at Hallow
CEO & Co-Founder